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Just as the roots of a tree take us back to its origins, the qualities of the land, constant investment and dedicated work form the foundation of Establecimiento OLIVUM. Its main goal is to produce exquisite Extra Virgin Olive Oil, which seeks to satisfy a prestigious and knowledgeable market.

Establecimiento OLIVUM is proud to be an Argentinian olive farm, and pleased to share its most delicious flavors on the national and international levels. The 4000 hectares of land on which Establecimiento OLIVUM rests, are located at the foot of the majestic and ancient Andes in San Juan Province. Establecimiento OLIVUM benefits from the wonderful land and water the region has to offer, and enjoys direct access to the famous National Route 40 allowing for quick and easy movement of trucks and large machinery.

Establecimiento OLIVUM uses a self-compensating drip irrigation system that guarantees the healthy growth of its plants and fruits. Our annual fertilization plans provide nutrients to the plants designated for intensive production. To guarantee the safety of the olives and olive oils, all pesticides are utilized safely and responsibly.

Establecimiento Olivum understands the need to apply technology to the production process. The farm uses the latest technology and values the work of dedicated electromechanical technicians and agronomists, and other specialists who help maximize production and investment.

Establecimiento OLIVUM is the first company in the area to benefit from continuous mechanical harvesting, which allows the company to obtain a better Extra Virgin Olive Oil by shortening harvest times.

Establecimiento OLIVUM projects itself into the future by observing the dynamics of the market and satisfying its needs. The company does not fear challenges. On the contrary, Establecimiento Olivum is willing to continue working and investing to keep offering an excellent Extra Virgin Olive Oil.